Our Custom Iron Doors

Iron Door Depot makes strong, dependable and accurate iron doors and frames in Southern California. Our frames are foam-insulated to help keep your home energy bills low. They are hand-wrought, polished and carefully assembled works of art. The doors themselves simply drop into the frame with our heavy duty barrel hinges. Our doors come with a Lifetime Warranty and real human support.

  • Secure 16-gauge steel frames
  • Foam-insulated cores keep the house warm
  • Fully customized made-to-order and hand-wrought

Getting Started with Iron Doors

To get started buying iron doors, simply make these six choices: Size, Shape, Design, Glass Style, Color and Paneling.

Door Sizes and Shapes

We offer the six standard entryway sizes:

  • Standard Single Pane (37.5x81)
  • Tall Single Pane (37.5x96)
  • Standard Double Pane (61.5x81)
  • Tall Double Pane (61.5x96)
  • Wide Standard Double Pane (73.5x81)
  • Wide Tall Double Pane (73.5x96)

Custom sizes are available. All doors are pre-hung on greased heavy-duty barrel style hinges. All hardware necessary to operate and assemble the doors are included.

For any size, choose a Shape: Flat Top, Eyebrow Arch or Half-Circle:


Wrought Iron Designs

Our hand-wrought iron designs are bold and complex. Contact us about creating a custom design that better fits your estate. Any design can be made to fit on any size or shape door.

Color and Glass Options

Our most popular glass options are listed on the Samples page, but we offer more choices including specialty mirrored and tinted glass panels. Our glass is tempered to withstand harsh weather conditions and is double-insulated to keep your home warm. The operable glass panels allow you to communicate face to face with whomever is at the door, and allow for easy cleaning of the wrought iron design.


Any door design can come with a bottom kick panel or without. Any design with a bottom panel becomes that much shorter.

Entryway Specs

Product Size Name Door Width Door Height Jamb Size Prehung Size Rough Opening
Standard Single 36" 78.75" 1"x6" 38"x81" 1/2"
Tall Single 36" 93.75" 1"x6" 38"x96" 1/2"
Standard Double 28.75" 77.75" 1"x6" 61 1/2"x81" 1/2"
Tall Double 28.75" 92.75" 1"x6" 61 1/2"x96" 1/2"
Wide Double 34.75" 77.75" 1"x6" 73 1/2"x81" 1/2"
Wide Tall Double 35" 92.75" 2"x6" 74"x96" 1/2"